"I love the way Ashlee teaches in such a personal, easy going way! I've taken classes before but it didn't stick like her course has. I started my own photography business after the confidence I gained!

-Bri M

I'm Ashlee! I'm a self-taught photographer, but not an impressive kind of way. I struggled my way to where I am now, making every mistake, being frustrated with my photos, and eventually learning what I know now and feeling super proud of how far I've come. 

There's one thing about my story that I would change if I could - I would have asked more questions in the beginning while I was learning. That way my learning process didn't have to be so trial-and-error-esque. I'm teaching in the same way I learn. With practical, easy steps that lead to quick growth. I want you to finish this course and immediately be taking photos you're proud of. That's my goal!